Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

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Part-time jobs in Canada for International Students

When you are studying abroad, you are weighed down by high tuition fees. Even leisure activities might cost too much for you. The best way to ease the burden or help you pay off your tuition and fees is to work part-time, be it on-campus or off-campus.

In a country like Canada, where international students have to pay tuition, often ranging somewhere between $9,341 and $37,700, you may need to work part-time to cover not just tuition fees but also regular expenses or just for extra pocket change. Besides, it’s the only way to gain Canadian work experience while studying.

In this article, I'll try my best to cover every topic related to part-time jobs in Canada for international students. That said, domestic students may benefit from this article too, I hope.

Are part-time jobs easily available in Canada?

There are numerous ways to find part-time jobs in Canada for international students. Some people say that part-time jobs in Canada for international students are hard to find, but some Canadians say the same about finding part-time and full-time work for themselves. My friends, my children, my friends' children… have never found it difficult to find suitable employment or that it took very long.

How much do part-time jobs in Canada pay?

The wages for part-time jobs in Canada for international students vary quite a bit. If the job requires little to no previous experience and/or skills, expect minimum wage. Note: People who serve alcohol and food generally receive a little lower wage since they usually receive tips, which more than makeup for the difference in wages. Part-time jobs sometimes pay less than year-round, full-time jobs.

The minimum wage for each province and territory, as of June 1, 2021, are as follows:

The above wages are subject to change. Each government decides for its own jurisdiction.

There are some important links we believe you should check out:

Note: When government websites refer to foreign workers, it is not the same as international students working for legislation purposes.

What are the best part-time jobs in Canada?

There is no straight answer to this question when it comes to part-time jobs in Canada for international students. As you all know, what is best for one may not be the best for another. For you, the best might be the job:

  1. with the highest wage.

  2. with work related to your career of choice

  3. with work hours that suit your schedule

  4. that guarantees full-time break and summer employment

  5. that offers skill development

  6. that will lead to an internship and/or a PGWP

  7. that enable stronger language skills development

Perhaps you may have to take whatever you can find, at least to start with, especially if you have no work experience. Of course, we can’t cover all of the above. Instead, we will cover in-demand jobs in Canada for international students, in general.

In-demand jobs in Canada for international students

In-demand jobs in Canada for international students, in general, tend to be those that are the higher paying jobs for newly arrived international students, or employers look at it as those jobs that international students are most often accepted for:

  • Food Server/Bartender

  • Rideshare Driver

  • Tutor

  • Freelancer (time limit still applies, so watch your time online)

  • On-campus jobs (These are taken very quickly)

  • Call centers

  • Cook/dishwasher

  • Other customer service jobs

  • Internship

  • Baby-sitting

  • Barista

  • Dog walker

  • Translator (You must be fluent in at least two languages)

  • Salespersons

  • Content Editor

  • Fitness Instructor

  • Music teacher

  • Computer repair/diagnostics - software and hardware

  • Social media assistant

  • Online researcher

  • Tree planter (summer only)

The list above is not exhaustive, so don’t ignore any opportunities you come across. Further down, after the resumé writing section, we have listed common part-time jobs and what they pay, for each of the provinces, and the Yukon, which were advertised near the end of July 2021.

How do I find part-time jobs in Canada for international students?

  1. The Government of Canada’s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) is an initiative to help young students with part-time jobs in Canada for international students, thereby enabling an easy transition into the labor market. Under this strategy are programs including Skills Work and Summer Work Experience that aim to help international students in their search not just for a part-time job, but for in-demand jobs in Canada for international students.

  2. Through your contacts in Canada (friends, relatives, classmates…)

  3. A few ways to expand your network are:

    • Joining a professional/student association or committee

    • Do volunteer work

    • Participate in information sessions, business meetings...

  4. ‘Pounding the pavement’ (Going door-to-door)

  5. Use the best job search sites for Canada

* Means you can post your resumé on the site 

Industry-specific job boards:

  1. Through your school

  2. Online general search. Try varying your keywords.

  3. At a Job Bank: find one near you.

  4. Staffing companies (Temps)

In addition, post your resumé to these sites:

  1. The Muse

  2. College/University Job Boards

  3. Resumé Library

  4. Craigslist

  5. Recruitment agencies

  6. For occasional jobs: local websites, community notice boards, flyers on posts (where permitted), local convenience stores (with permission)

  7. Have a look at the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy. Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) – Funding programs

  8. Also, search Canada Summer Jobs. Funding: Canada Summer Jobs – Overview -

What do I need to do to get part-time jobs in Canada for international students?

What do I need to do to get part-time jobs in Canada for international students?

There are two basic things, plus one beneficial one, you will have to have in order to get a job in Canada. The first is a Social Insurance Number. Next is a resumé but in one of the forms that are used in Canada, of which there are three: Reverse-time, Marketable skills, and a Blended resumé.

A few other things will help you land the job you want:

  1. Past work experience

  2. Soft skills like interviewing skills make a difference

  3. Your language skills will increase your chances immensely; if you are bilingual and well-versed in English, French, or both.

Three Acceptable Resumé Types in Canada

1. Reverse-Time Resumé

This is the most commonly used form in Canada nowadays. Using this form enables one to highlight one’s job history and work experience. In brief, it’s a list of one’s employment history, chronologically in reverse.

This format is the best for those with a good work and/or volunteer history. One needs to try and highlight professional job titles, accomplishments, educational achievements, and skills that would be useful for the new job one is applying for. The most important thing is to show your career progression. This is what such a resumé looks like:

Reverse-Time Resumé


2. Marketable Skills Resumé (Functional Resumé)

The Marketable Skills Resumé highlights just that, your marketable skills. This format showcases your abilities which make you a good candidate for the opportunity you are applying for. It prioritizes skills over job experience, placing them ‘front-and-center. 

This resumé format is the best one for people who have employment gaps, or those who have frequently changed jobs. It is also useful for people making a career change and for people who believe that they might not appear to be exactly what an employer is looking for even though they have the required skills.

A Marketable Skills Resumé could look like this:

Blended Resumé


3. Blended Resumé

This format combines elements of the other two. Showcasing both your skills and how you have applied those skills in previous employment is the objective of this format.

The introductory part includes your most relevant abilities and skills, in addition to your achievements that show you’re capable of doing the job. Follow the introduction with your work experience and education. After that comes any other pertinent information you wish to include.

If you want to show how the skills you have developed relate to the positions you have held and/or are applying for, then this is the best choice. The Blended Resumé provides a clear demonstration of why you believe you are qualified for the position you seek. One way it could look is as follows:

Marketable Skills Resumé (Functional Resumé)


Employers and recruiters often only have time to scan your resumé before deciding whether you will proceed to the interview stage; therefore, of utmost importance, your resume needs to hook the reader within seconds. To do this, it needs to be concise.

For all three forms, don’t omit any hobbies or volunteer work that are relevant or volunteer work that explains any period where you were not employed.

A Few More Tips:

  1. Only include relevant information

  2. Too much information will be a detriment

  3. A Cover Letter is a Must

  4. Don’t forget your soft skills

ZIPJOB: Professional Resume Writing & Editing Services by Professional Resume Writers offers one free resumé review. has both free and paid options for this too.

In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students:

In order to give you an overview of typical jobs that are available, below you can find common part-time jobs, by province, that may be suitable for international students:

In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Alberta (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Alberta as of July 2021 is $15/hr)



General Labourer - E-Scooters


Pharmacy Assistant


School Bus Driver (From September to June)


Shipping and Receiving Clerk - evenings    


Restocking Team Member - evening/night


Gaming Table Attendant    





$10-$15/hr cash

Customer Service Representative




Student Assistant - Library


Student Ambassador    


Events Assistant    


Computer Technician



$15-$16/hr + tips

Data Entry Clerk - Remote


Vault Associate


Wash Bay Attendant / Bus Detailer




Delivery Driver






Dog Walker


General Maintenance Worker


Guest Attendants (Tim Horton’s)


Sales Agent - Commissioned

To be decided



Graphic Design - Intern


Social Media Intern




Cloud Architect


Fast Food Restaurant Employee


Virtual Medical Scribe


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in British Columbia (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of British Columbia as of July 2021 is $15.20/hr)



Data entry verifier-operator    



$15.20/hr +tips

Window cleaner


Technical support specialist




Parcel sorter


Horticulture and maintenance assistant    


Dog walker

$10-$25/hr cash

Content producer        


Math tutor


Object tester    




Booking clerk                    


Security guard


Computer Science Instructor    


Clerical Support/Data Entry/Customer Service


Delivery Driver    

$15.20-$18/hr tips

Sales Assistant - Retail


Product demonstrator        


Sales Advisor


Kitchen helper/dishwasher        




Theatre Attendant    


General clerk - grocery


Warehouse Associate        




Customer service desk associate    




Virtual Medical Scribe


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Manitoba (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Manitoba as of July 2021 is $11.90/hr)



Customer service representative    




Sales associate    






Virtual Medical Scribe


TEFL teacher


General laborer    


Production assembler


Security guard


Pre-board screening officer


Program assistant    


Computer Science Instructor


Order picker    


Data entry clerk    


CA - specialist


Produce clerk    


Scheduling coordinator


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in New Brunswick (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of New Brunswick as of July 2021 is $11.75/hr)



Delivery driver        


Marketing intern


Pharmacy student    


Maintenance worker




Production line worker


Retail Price collector        


Commis - Pastry & Bakery


Commercial cleaner


Meat cutter


Virtual medical scribe




education instructor


Sales associate


Overnight stock associate


Bus driver - chauffeur    


Security guard


Program Coordinator




Ultimate Personal shopper


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Newfoundland and Labrador as of July 2021 is $12.50/hr)



Freelance English editor    


Store associate


Night receiver


Marketing Coordinator




Call centre representative


English tutor


Retail coordinator


Warehouse worker            


Dishwasher/kitchen helper


Driving instructor    


Personal care attendant


Commercial cleaner


Virtual medical scribe


Order picker    




Pharmacy assistant


Shift manager    


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Nova Scotia (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of British Columbia as of July 2021 is $12.95/hr)



Personal Trainer / Coach


Part Time Cast Member - Scotiabank Theatre 


Residential Cleaner


Virtual Medical Scribe


Newspaper Delivery Person


Food Sample Rep






Line/Prep Cook


Retail Inventory Associate




Life Skills Worker


Yard/Warehouse Worker


School Bus Driver


Guerilla Cow (Not an error) IT


Retail Sales Associate - Bell Mobility


Research Assistant - Psychiatry


Beverage Server - Dalhousie


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Ontario  (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Ontario as of July 2021 is $14.25/hr)





Merchandising Associate


Retail Assistant Manager


Sales Associate


Genius (Apple store)


Housekeeping Aide


Resident Support Attendant


Survey Interviewer


Musician (occasional work only)


Restaurant Manager


Customer Service Clerk




Fast Food Restaurant worker


Housecleaner (thru an agency)


Line Cook (not a chef)


Tutor (self-employed is the best pay)


Computer Service Technician (self-employed is better pay)


Online Marketing Manager


Content writer


Virtual Medical Scribe


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Prince Edward Island (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Prince Edward Island as of July 2021 is $13/hr)



Order Picker


English Tutor (self-employed is better paying)






Fast Food Employee






Food Server

$13-$15/hr +tips



Sales Associate


Customer Service Rep


Database Developer - Freelance




IELTS speaking examiner (certified)


Security Guard




Newspaper Delivery Person


Sales Associates - IT


Virtual Medical Scribe


Oyster Processing Worker


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Québec (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Québec as of July 2021 is $13.50/hr)



Virtual Medical Scribe


Warehouse Clerk


English Tutor


University Reference Assistant


University Public Services Clerk


Server/Hardware/Network Technician


General Labourer


Stock Associate


Sales Rep


Cook’s Helper


Stock Clerk


Line Cook


Editor Student Magazine


Census Enumerator


Team Assistant Concordia


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in Saskatchewan (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Saskatchewan as of July 2021 is $11.45/hr)



Virtual Medical Scribe


English Tutor


Test Administrator


Grocery Clerk




Pre-board Screening Officer


Greenhouse Worker


Laundry Attendant






Wash Bay Attendant




Driver/Warehouse Helper


Cake Decorator


Line Cook


Cleaner - Commercial


Railway Crew Driver


Data Entry Clerk


In Demand Part-Time Jobs in the Yukon (July 2021):

(The minimum wage of Yukun as of July 2021 is $13.85/hr)



Virtual Medical Scribe


General Labourer - Remote Camp


Administrative Assistant


Painter’s Helper


Student Leadership Team


Dishwasher/Bus person


Passenger Services Agent


Brewery Worker


Retail Merchandiser




English Tutor


Arctic Range Adventure Facilitator


School Bus Driver


Production Worker - windows and doors


House League Soccer Coordinator


Personal Shopper


Guest Service Agent


Software Engineer


Client Service Team Member


So, we hope you got an idea about part-time jobs in Canada for international students and Canada part-time jobs salaries for international students. International students have the same employment rights as any PR or Canadian citizen, as long as they have permission to work, they continue to attend school full-time and they don’t exceed 20 hours per week during school time.

Note that wages in the Yukon tend to be higher because the cost of living tends to be higher there. If one qualifies as a Northern Resident, one gets an income tax break on federal taxes.

You can work part-time jobs during the semester and you can work full-time during your reading weeks, Christmas Break, and Summer Holiday (If your school schedule doesn’t run through the summer.

It may take a month or two to land a job so don’t get disheartened if it takes a little longer. If you work at it diligently, it shouldn’t take more than a month, if you heed the advice you have been given.

Good Hunting!

Note: Though these documents are for Canadian Study permit application, you can get a gist of possible documents required for your student visa application. Customize these documents based on your own need.
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