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Studying in Canada has been a top choice for students from all over the world. According to Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data, the number of international students in Canada rose 13% in 2019. 

This increase makes Canada the third leading study destination for international students, after the United States and Australia. In 2019, 642,480 international students enrolled at all levels of studies in Canadian institutions.

Study in Canada

Vibrant student cities all across Canada open thriving opportunities for students to excel. Life is enjoyable, full of excitement and endless possibilities, which provide you with a lifetime of opportunities to balance study and fun. Universities in Canada are like second homes for international students. 

7 reasons to convince yourself to study in Canada

1. Academic Excellence

Canada is home to many of the best universities in the world. There are 32 universities in the top 200 in QS Global Rankings and 50+ universities in the Times Higher Education rankings. Canadian degrees are well recognized all around the globe. Almost all Canadian institutions, who don't get a top 200 ranking maintain an international standard of education.

That is why having a degree from any Canadian University will open a window of opportunities for your personal and professional career.

2. Research Opportunities

Do you hope to partake in research opportunities to change the world? Or, did you have a childhood dream of receiving a Nobel prize? Well, Canada should be your destination of choice for higher education. Canadian universities focus a lot on research. This provides students with invaluable experience(s) and promotes innovative thinking among students.

Most Canadian institutions offer both thesis-based and course-based PG degrees.

If you are sure you wish to pursue research, then the thesis-based option is for you. But, if you are unsure about pursuing research, then course-based degrees will be the best option as they will provide you with the necessary coursework and the time to pursue research later on if you choose to. Studying in Canada will never leave you empty-handed.

Affordable Education in Canada

3. Affordable Education

Pursuing higher education abroad can be a daunting affair due to higher tuition fees for international students. The cost poses a significant barrier to some students. That being said, all Canadian institutions offer affordable tuition fees compared to the USA, UK or Australia. In 2014, average tuition fees for undergraduate degrees in Canada was $16,746 USD compared to the USA ($24,914 USD), Australia ($24,081 USD), or the UK ($21,365 USD).

Moreover, scholarships for international students in Canadian universities will help you have a prestigious degree at cheaper tuition fees. You will also find many cheap universities in Canada that may meet your budget for higher education.

4. Gain Work Experience while studying

Gaining relevant work experience while studying can diversify your professional skills as well as create industry links. Many programs have co-op and internship programs (also known as work-study programs) to help you get accustomed to the relevant industry. Working while studying will allow you to earn money and find a job right after graduation. Apart from work-study options, you can work 20 hours/week during semesters and unlimited hours/week during semester breaks and reading weeks.

5. No need to learn other languages

Almost all universities offer Bachelor's(undergraduate), Master's(Graduate), and Ph.D. in English. Some universities offer degrees in French (Mostly in Québec). Unlike European study destinations, where students are required to learn their language or at least have to learn enough to get a job (ex. in Germany, it is recommended that you learn basic German to get a job), Canada doesn't require any language knowledge except English.

If you know French, it will be a plus point for you. Thus, studying in Canada helps you to focus on your education.

6. Opportunity to immigrate

Do you wish to have the world's 9th strongest passport at your disposal? After completing your studies, the Canadian Post Graduate Work Permit Program (also known as the PGWPP) will allow you to stay and work up to 3 years. Moreover, if you want to start a business, Canada may quickly complete formal paperwork in no time.

Canada Wild Nature

7. Wild Nature

The vast wilderness in Canada offers magnificent landscapes that can be explored throughout four seasons. These outlooks will give one different tastes of scenic beauty all year round. Here are some places worth visiting:

  • The pristine beaches of Prince Edward Island
  • The Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
  • The impressive fjords of the Saguenay and the Percé Rock of the Gaspé in Quebec
  • The fascinating Rockies
  • Lake Louise in Alberta
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Jasper National Park in Alberta
  • Whistler Mountain in British Columbia
  • Chateau Frontenac, Québec City, Québec
  • Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal
  • Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
  • Upper Canada Village, Ontario
  • Algonquin Park, Ontario
  • Nahanni National Park Reserve

Canada has been called home by international students from all over the world due to Canadians’ friendliness and politeness, the liberal values Canada stands for, and the endless opportunities that it presents. This safe and welcoming place will not disappoint students planning to pursue an exciting adventure.

Enjoy this documentary!

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