List of All Prince Edward Island Colleges and Universities

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List of All Prince Edward Island Colleges and Universities

Prince Edward Island is the smallest in land area and population but the most densely populated province in Canada. It is part of maritime provinces which consists of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. 

Although the French colonized this province in 1604, it was ceded to the British following the French Indian war. Historically, this province is one of Canada’s older European settlements, and its current population reflects the earliest immigration to the country

It is nicknamed as “Garden of the Gulf” due to its pastoral scenery and lush agricultural lands. 

There are 21 Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Prince Edward Island. We have included all on our list of all Prince Edward Island colleges and universities. 

Prince Edward Island Colleges and Universities at a Glance

Before you choose any institution in Prince Edward Island be sure to check their DLI number.

Designated Learning Institution or DLI number is provided to those institutions approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. Moreover, please note that not all programs at the DLI institutions are eligible for Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). 

So, before you apply make sure that your program is PGWP eligible. DLI number starts with “O” not 0 (zero). Let’s begin with the list of all Prince Edward Island colleges and universities.

ID Name of Institution Offers PGWP-Eligible Programs City Campuses Designated Learning Institution Number (DLI #)
1 Collège de l’Île Yes Charlottetown Centre de formation Charlottetown O19220114112
2 Collège de l’Île Yes DeBlois Centre de formation DeBlois O19220114112
3 Collège de l’Île Yes Wellington Main Campus O19220114112
4 Holland College Yes Alberton West Prince Campus O19220082122
5 Holland College Yes Charlottetown Prince of Wales Campus, Tourism and Culinary Centre O19220082122
6 Holland College Yes Georgetown Georgetown Centre O19220082122
7 Holland College Yes Montague Montague Centre O19220082122
8 Holland College Yes O’Leary O’Leary Centre O19220082122
9 Holland College Yes Slemon Park Atlantic Police Academy O19220082122
10 Holland College Yes Souris Souris Site O19220082122
11 Holland College Yes Summerside East Prince Centre, Marine Training Centre, Summerside, O19220082122
12 Holland College Yes Tignish Dalton Centre O19220082122
13 Maritime Christian College Yes Charlottetown Charlottetown O19319254068
14 University of Prince Edward Island Yes Charlottetown Charlottetown O19220071452
15 Academy of Learning – PEI No Charlottetown Charlottetown O19220171562
16 Institute of Advanced Learning No Charlottetown Charlottetown O19220185032
17 Marguerite Connolly Training and Consulting No Charlottetown Charlottetown O19220652372
18 Moonlight International Academy No Little Sands Little Sands O19220127182
19 Red Cliff College of Applied Technology and Management No Charlottetown Charlottetown O137690837282
20 Study Abroad Canada Language Institute No Charlottetown Charlottetown O19225872992

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