About Skipissues:

Welcome to Skipissues, The World’s Largest University Program Finder and Student Opportunities Platform. Since our launch in December 2020, we have served 2,000+ students from over 70+ countries worldwide. Currently, we have 4,000+ program information, 300+ scholarships, 34+ blogs, and a complete guide for Higher Studies of four countries.


Our vision is to democratize student higher education opportunities and empower students worldwide to unlock all possible opportunities.


Our mission is to enable students to find their desired programs and apply within weeks quickly. We equip students with financial literacy, crafting higher study applications, self-development, financial freedom, student earnings, etc.

We write about any topic that benefits students in any way possible.

Who are we?

Skipissues began as a pet project of Masroor in his living room. He failed to start this project multiple times for not having any web development skills and not finding a tech cofounder in 2018. After a few months of inactivity, he again tried to initiate this project and learned enough web development to pull it off. In November, the project was first to live to use.

However, google cloud shut off the server due to illegal cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin miners hacked it. This project saw daylight again in January. In the same month, Imran Khan Faisal joined as a co-founder of this initiative.

How are we different?

We are not like other educational or student opportunity platforms where students gain access to step-by-by application portals through subscription fees. Here, we rather focus on democratizing higher education information and student opportunities. We equip students with information so that they can unlock all potential opportunities at the quickest possible time.

We are different in lots of ways. If you want to a partner or investor, please reach us at contact@skipissues.com to discuss further.