Two types of House options in Estonia! Choose the Best One for You

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Finding student houses in Estonia before you fly should be your priority after getting your visa. Getting a house will save you money and time. Also, you will be stress-free. There are two types of housing in Estonia:

  • Student Dormitories: Most student accommodation in Estonia are newly renovated and offer cheap options to students. House rent for students ranging from Euro 70-320. The house rent depends on the season, location, and quality. If you share your room with another person, it would cost you around Euro 70-150, including utility fees. You will find apartments for rent in Estonia, which you can easily share with multiple people.

  • Private Housing: If you plan to live in a big flat, then private housing would be best for you. Flat pricing starts from Euro 200 -400 depending on the location, season, and quality. Before you start logging on to one flat, be sure about the terms and conditions, contract, and other legal issues. You can also note that the asking price may be high for you (as you are a foreigner). Among the two kinds of houses in Estonia, student dormitories will add value to you considering the budget constraints of the students.

Websites to find Private housing:

IHE Counseling to Get Housing in Estonia for Students

International House of Estonia (IHE) provides international counseling and better integrates with the Estonian Society. It answers all your question ranging from settling in, finding a job to any help required. You will get a glimpse of your life in Estonia from here.

Tips for the Students to Afford Housing in Estonia

Be aware that you might fall victim to scam if you are not cautious. While you search for off-campus housing, here are few tips that you should remember:

  • Never make online payments. A big no if someone asks you to do so.

  • Ask to see pictures of your prospective residence

  • Do a reverse Google search of the picture of your prospective residence. (It might be downloaded right off the internet)

  • Google the address and make sure it exists.

  • Meet in person before a transaction

  • Don’t pay in cash – as you can cancel a transaction if you feel suspicious.

  • Read and Reread terms and conditions (Lease paper).

Note: Though these documents are for Canadian Study permit application, you can get a gist of possible documents required for your student visa application. Customize these documents based on your own need.
Card image
Cover Letter
Card image
Forwarding Letter
Card image
Student Financial Planning
Card image
Explanation Letter of Source of Fund
Card image
Explanation on previous Visa Rejection
Card image
Source of Fund (For Businessperson as a sponsor)
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