Study in Estonia- A True Cosmopolitan Experience!

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Have you ever wanted to sip cappuccinos in a medieval castle and enjoy the best taste of life surrounded by the latest technology? Have you ever wondered about studying in a country not far from BIG cosmopolitan cities? Well, Study in Estonia will enable you to experience the rich cultural history and an incredible multicultural platform. 

Study in Estonia

Estonia is called “A true blockchain nation,” and it is the home of “Skype.” It is a cosmopolitan country with so many old and famous universities that accommodates Estonian nationals and other international students all over the world. There are many high-quality universities in Estonia for international students.

Top Reasons to Convince Yourself to Study in Estonia

Recent technological growth is simple enough to convince yourself to study in Estonia. Below here we discussed the top convincing reasons to opt for Estonia.

1. Affordable education for international students

Higher study destinations can be costly. The tuition fees for a bachelor's or master's program ranges from Euro 3,000 to 7,000 per year, depending on your program choice. This yearly tuition fee at world rank institutions is significantly low compared to other countries such as Australia, Canada, the USA, or the UK. 

Moreover, the universities in Estonia and the government of Estonia provide generous funding/scholarships to study in Estonia. If you can do well in your studies in the first semester, you will receive scholarships from the second semester and onwards. So, you can complete your whole program tuition-free.

To know more about scholarships in Estonia, click the scholarship section. Please note that doctoral or Ph.D. programs in Estonia are tuition-free. Ph.D. students receive monthly allowances of Euro. 383 per month.

2. Affordable living and full-time work opportunities for students

Compared to other European cities, living in any city in Estonia is very affordable. It is not surprising for students to cover their living costs in Tartu or Tallinn (two big towns in Estonia) within Euro 300-500 per month. 

Besides that, a student can efficiently work full time all year long during their studies. This is unlike any country where a student can work only 20h/week during classes and 40h/week during break.

Students are not required to apply for any work permit. If the Estonian authority grants your student visa, you are automatically eligible to work and study in Estonia for full time. 

After graduation, you can stay for nine months and look for jobs. If you can secure a job, you can start your process to live in Estonia permanently.

Europe’s Startup hotspot

3. Europe’s Startup hotspot

Estonia is Europe’s startup hotspot. It only takes 20 minutes to register your company and only 2 mins to declare your tax online. Estonian economy has integrated technology in all spheres of life that stimulates convenience and drives innovation. 

As a result, Estonia has more successful startup companies per head than any other country in Europe, e.g., TransferWise, CrabCAD, Fortumo, etc. And yes, we are talking about companies where even Sir Richard Branson invests!

Estonia is the first country to offer e-residency to anyone interested to start an independent location business online. Furthermore, It is an E-Society, with electronic ID-Cards, E-Government, and E-Tax. Here, 99% of banking is online-based.

4. Unexplored wilderness

50% of Estonia is covered with bewildering wilderness, captivating landscapes, lonely beautiful beaches, and rich biodiversity. Wherever you are in Estonia, you are less than 10-15 minutes away from this unexplored beauty. Here you can explore 2000 islands.

Interesting Facts About Study in Estonia

13+ Interesting Facts About Study in Estonia

Below, we are discussing some interesting facts about Estonia which you may not be aware of.

  • It is the 38th ranking country in the world in nominal GDP per capita( USD 19,840).

  • It is the 29th largest European country by area (45,339km²).

  • Estonia is the first country to facilitate an online voting system.

  • Estonia ranks 3rd worldwide in THE PRESS FREEDOM INDEX.

  • It connects Scandinavia, Central Europe, and the East.

  • Estonian speaks many languages, i.e., Russian, Finnish, German, and most importantly, English.

  • It has a population of just 1.3million.

  • It is the least religious country.

  • Estonia Ranks 2nd in internet freedom all over the world.

  • Tallinn, the capital, is just a ferry ride away from Stockholm and Helsinki.

  • Ranked 8th in the world for Internet access in schools (The Global Information Technology Report 2016).

  • Estonia is also the only Eurozone nation to run a budget surplus. Voted as best-performing economy in Europe.

  • One of the safest countries in the world.


In conclusion, Estonia’s republic is a top priority higher study destination for international students worldwide. The number of international students opting to choose Estonia as their higher study destination increases at a 20% rate each year.

With very low tuition fee programs from world-ranked universities and affordable living costs, Estonia opens doors of opportunities that you should take advantage of.

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