Government and University Scholarships in Estonia

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University Scholarships in Estonia

Are you looking to study free in Estonia as an international student? Well, then you can either study in an Estonian taught program or win a scholarship. Estonia provides international students with a marvelous opportunity to study completely free. With so many scholarships in Estonia offered by different universities and institutions, you have a great chance to win a scholarship.

Universities in Estonia also provide generous need-based scholarships. 

List of Different Scholarships in Estonia for Students

Here are a few scholarships in Estonia for international students in 2021 that you don't want to miss.

## LHV Bank Scholarship

Degree Level: Master’s

Amount: Around Euro 3,000


## Study IT in Estonia Specialty Scholarship:

Degree Level: Master’s in Informatics or Computer Science

Amount: Euro 240-300/month

Institution: Tallinn University of Technology or University of Tartu


## Need-Based Study Allowances

Application Time: First month of September or February

Amount: Euro 75-220 for Bachelors and masters and Euro 422 for Doctoral

Requirements: Need to have Student Residence Permit and Estonian Bank Account

Additional Requirements: Curriculum requirements of 75% and family income Euro 468/family member.


## Skype Scholarship

Degree Level: Master’s student of Cyber Security/Computer Science or System Engineering at Tallinn University or Software Engineering/Informatics at the University of Tartu.

Amount: Euro 6500(for ten months)

Institution: Tallinn University of Technology or University of Tartu


## Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarships

Amount: Euro 400/month 

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Scholarship is applicable for the students of the Tallinn University of Technology. 

Tallinn University of Technology recommends the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for students studying in:

  • Environmental Engineering and management

  • Industrial Engineering and Management

  • E-governance Technologies and Services

  • Health Care Technologies

  • Technology Governance


Study Loans in Estonia:

The Estonian Student loan is for Estonian citizens or citizens who reside here on a long-term basis. Please visit this website to know more.

Ph.D. & Exchange Studies student opportunities

  1. There are no tuition fees for doctoral programs.

  2. Ph.D. students receive a monthly allowance of EURO 383.47 per month.

  3. Exchange students do not have to pay any tuition fees and are eligible for a small grant.

Scholarships in Estonia for Ph.D./ Research students

Scholarships in Estonia for Ph.D./ Research students

There are also scholarships and funding offered to Researchers. Here are a few of them:

There are more scholarships offered by Universities for their students as, for example, many universities offer “Performance Scholarship” or merit-based scholarship (Euro 100/month) based on your academic performance.

Note: Though these documents are for Canadian Study permit application, you can get a gist of possible documents required for your student visa application. Customize these documents based on your own need.
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Cover Letter
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Forwarding Letter
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Student Financial Planning
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Explanation Letter of Source of Fund
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