OCAD University

OCAD University
University Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type Public
Established 1876
Undergraduate Acceptance Rate 64.00%
Graduate Acceptance Rate 64.00%
Undergraduate Graduation Rate 65.60%
Graduate Graduation Rate 65.60%
Student: Faculty 15:1
Students 6072
Total viewes 3516
Winter Temperature 10°C to - 30°C
Spring Temperature -20°C to 25°C
Summer Temperature 10°C to 30°C
Autumn Temperature 30°C to - 10°C

Other Information about the OCAD University

Located in the heart of Canada’s largest center for design, culture, and business, OCAD University specializes in Arts and Design. The university has named for itself in Arts and Design school from all over the world. The faculty and alumni are the most influential icons in Canada’s visual culture.

Do you still not want to find yourself in the middle of art enthusiastic peeps from all around in the world’s famous cosmopolitan city of Toronto?

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