Everything You Need to Know about Estonia | Facts & Figures

About Estonia

Capital Tallinn
Largest City Tallinn
Official Language Estonian
Area 45,339 km2
Population 1,329,460
GDP $49.644 billion
Per Capita $39,543
Currency Euro
Driving Side Right
Happiness Index Position 40
Ease of Doing Business Rank 18

Complete and Most Essential Country Information about Estonia

Estonia is revolutionizing the whole country without making a noteworthy headline. All of a sudden, we’re hearing about Estonia and its economic and technological advancement. Now Estonia is aiming to take the country to the next level. And here it needs you the most. Estonia is branding itself to attract skilled people to contribute to its economy. Great news for people like you! 

If you want to experience an authentic cosmopolitan experience, Estonia is for you. How much do you know about Estonia? Well, Estonia is a true blockchain nation. Although living expenses here are a little lower than in other developed nations, the earning scope is more diversified and dynamic.

For those who are interested in start-ups, Estonia should be their next top destination because Estonia is one of the Start-up Hotspots in Europe. Their government implemented an E-residency policy, so it only takes 20 minutes to register your company and only 2 mins to declare your tax online.

Below, you will find complete and organized country information about Estonia.