Overview and Requirements of Health Insurance in Finland

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Having health insurance in Finland is very important as a student. Finland has a universal policy to provide free healthcare to its entire citizen regardless of their income. However, this facility is not open to foreign nationals or students.

So, if you plan to study in Finland, you need to have comprehensive coverage before entering Finland. Remember that your resident permit validity will be equivalent to your health insurance validity. If you are an exchange student whose exchange period will last less than three months, you are not required to have health insurance in Finland.  

Note: Students from Quebec, Canada, are exempt from the health insurance requirements.

Finnish Health insurance requirement varies from person to person based on nationalities. 

Health Insurance in Finland

Health Insurance in Finland: Non-European/ EEA Students

As international students (non-European) students don’t have access to national health insurance, they must buy a health insurance plan under any private health insurance provider in Finland. Your health insurance must cover your international travel and live in Finland. Health insurance for an international student may require-

  • Once brought, you cannot cancel your health insurance.

  • If you study for more than a year, you need to at least one year of health coverage.

  • Insurance coverage for your entire stay.

  • If you are studying for two years, you need at least euro 40,000 policy maximum.

  • If you are studying for a year, you need at least euro 120,000 coverage.

  • Deductibles must not exceed euro 300. 

You can buy your health insurance from many trusted companies. The most popular private health insurance providers among students are Europe travel, Atlas travel, and student secure. As an international student in Finland, you may also look for health insurance from a local insurance company or check the following health insurance companies in Finland 

Health Insurance in Finland: European/ EEA Students

If you are a student with a nationality from EU/EEA countries, your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will provide your health insurance coverage. Your benefit will be the same as Finnish nationals. Please note that EHIC does not cover any travel protection, search and rescue, repatriation to the home country, emergency, dental treatment, and other assistance. So buy private health insurance for complete coverage. 

EHIC cards don't also guarantee free services. Some free services in your home country may not be free in another country because each country’s health care system is different. 

You can know more from here. 

Note: Though these documents are for Canadian Study permit application, you can get a gist of possible documents required for your student visa application. Customize these documents based on your own need.
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Cover Letter
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Forwarding Letter
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Student Financial Planning
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Explanation Letter of Source of Fund
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Explanation on previous Visa Rejection
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Source of Fund (For Businessperson as a sponsor)
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