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Finding a suitable housing option in Finland can be tricky, stressful, and costly. Unlike many European or North American universities, Finnish universities don’t have student dorms or on-site campus dorms. So, it’s their onus to find suitable student housing in Finland.

Here, we will outline possible student accommodation in Finland that will lay out a general idea. If you have any difficulties finding suitable housing or questions, please reach out to your university’s international student outreach office. 

Different Types of Student Housing in Finland

Different Types of Student Housing in Finland

There are many accommodations in Finland for students. These are 

  • Shared Apartment: 

This type of accommodation perfectly suits students. Most single students share an apartment between 4-5 students. Each occupant has his room but shares a bathroom, kitchen, and living room with others. 

  • Studio Apartment: 

These are smaller apartments, entirely built for one or two students to live in. These apartments are not only expensive but are tough to obtain. Here you will have your washroom, living room, and kitchen. 

  • Family Apartments: 

These apartments are for family members or couples who have children. These types of apartments have three to four rooms with a kitchen. Located near the playground and school, they provide a convenient option for parents. 

If the above housing option doesn’t suit you, you should look for alternative student housing in Finland. Generally, one-third of all Finnish students live in student apartments. The housing cost is reasonable, and applying is simple. In most cases, they are located near your university or institution.

That means you can quickly commute to classes, and no costs to commute. These student apartments come with shared facilities such as saunas, laundry rooms with washing machines, dryers, recreational spaces, etc. They also have complete internet and telephone coverage.

It is important to note that student housing can be competitive during the autumn semester as many exchange students look for accommodation. 

Decorating your apartment: 

There is no need to buy new furniture to decorate your apartment because you can buy second-hand furniture from the market or rent them from any company. 

Mediums to Arrange Student Housing in Finland 

Finnish student housing can be arranged in two ways:

  • Student Housing  

If you are interested in residing in one of the student housing in Finland, you can visit the (Finnish Student Housing Ltd.) website for listing information. ( The rent of student housing generally ranges between Euros 160-380. 

Single apartments are generally available, but it will cost you an extra dime, and you likely have to wait a few months before renting one. 

  • Private Market 

You can find different housing options from the open market. Private market housing is generally more expensive than student housing. 

General Information about Rental properties:

Be sure to read the lease agreement carefully before you rent any property. In Finland, student rental apartments generally include a freezer/refrigerator and a communal sauna. Your apartment will not include any curtains, carpets, and lights (except in the bathroom/washroom and kitchen). 

Student Housing in Finland: Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

Student Housing in Finland: Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

Your responsibility is to adhere to the building rules and regulations, maintain your apartment in normal condition, and pay rent on time. If any damage occurs, you must notify your lessors before you fix it. Generally, you have to bear the cost of any damage that happens to you.  

The lessor must approve any repair or improvement of any elements. Lastly, it is your responsibility to clean the apartment before you move out. You can sublease your apartment (if you have taken a lease on your name) to other tenants. However, if you plan to lease the property to another tenant, consent from a primary lessor is required.

Lease agreement:

You should not pay any money before you sign the written lease agreement. Before signing, you should:

  • Check the apartment condition (take photos of the apartment)

  • Read the terms of the agreement.

  • Date and mode of rent payment

  • Check if you need to pay other charges such as water, electricity bills, etc.

  • Learn more about the security deposit.

  • Know rent adjustment clauses.

Procedure to terminate your lease:

A fixed-term lease can be terminated after a period or only in particular circumstances. However, the non-fixed term lease agreement may be terminated either by you or lessor by a notice. Your landlord can give the termination notice in 6 months advance if you lived one year uninterruptedly or three months prior if you lived less than a year.

If you want to terminate, you need to give notice one month before moving out.  

Please note that the lease can be terminated immediately either by you or lessor on the following circumstances:

  • Any one of you poses a threat to others.

  • The apartment has been used for other purposes noted in the agreement.

  • You are causing disturbance to your neighbors.

Security Deposit:

Your deposit for the apartment should not exceed three months’ rent. Generally, the deposit is in between 2-3 months’ rent. Your deposit will be returned in full if there’s no damage to the apartment. It is prevalent that disputes occur between tenants and lessors due to withholding of deposit.

To avoid such a situation, photograph and note any defects/damages of the apartment, you want to lease in a written agreement before signing. Tenants are not responsible for paying for any normal wear and tear from living.

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