How to Manage the Cost of Living in Finland for Students

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Are you planning to live on a budget? Like most of the students, you may have little cash to spend. Well, it is entirely okay to live like a cheapskate for now because of the higher cost of living in Finland for students. Good days are waiting for you!!!

After the rain comes to the sun— Taifu-ikka (Japanese idiom)

Cost of Living in Finland for Students

In Finland, the government actively promotes and supports students’ healthy eating. All campuses have a student canteen where you can buy lunch within euro 3-4. There are many warm dishes, salads, soups, fresh bread, drinks, and sandwiches. If you are a vegetarian, you will find plenty of options that suit you! If you are a caffeine addict, try to buy coffee during lunchtime at a discounted rate. 

Eating out daily can increase the cost of living in Finland for international students. So you better start to contemplate your cooking skills now!! Try to cap on seasonal products such as oranges in winter and apples in autumn. You will find those seasonal fruits and vegetables at a low cost. Potatoes, carrots, macaroni, rice, and noodles are budget-friendly.    

Budget-friendly shelves in supermarkets will be your best friend. Visit this shelf before you start buying anything. You may also find Fish and Meat at a discounted rate in mid-day or evening. Alepa, the market chain, sells bakery items with 50% discounted rates after 9 pm.   

Try to flash your student card as much as possible. Most Finnish stores, markets, transportations offer discounted rates for students. Don’t be afraid to ask for a student discount! 

Health Insurance:

Student health insurance is completely free of charge in Finland. 

Memberships to Save the Cost of Living in Finland for Students

Each university in Finland has a student union that all students are obliged to join. Depending on the university, student union membership is EUR 80 to EUR 130 per year. Student Union Membership will help to manage a balanced cost of living in Finland for students.

The benefits of student union membership include:

  • Free healthcare for students of Bachelor and Master in Finland. Finnish Healthcare services include access to clinics, general practitioners, dentists, vaccinations, mental healthcare, laboratory examinations, X-rays, and physiotherapy upon referral. (Please note that students from outside the European Economic Area still need to have health insurance with coverage of at least EUR 30,000 per year to be granted a residence permit)
  • Discounts on long-distance trains and buses
  • Discounts on meals from university restaurants, as well as certain other restaurants and shops
  • Discounts on the museum, theatre, and concert tickets
  • Opportunities to participate in organized leisure events and trips, as well as hire equipment for various sporting activities

Save the Cost of Living in Finland for Students

13+ Tips to Manage the Cost of Living in Finland for Students

Here are other few tips to follow to save some bucks:

  • Avoid taxis as much as possible.

  • Most places have free Wi-Fi. So, check with the respective area before you buy any data.

  • Use cycle to commute. Finland has an excellent bicycle infrastructure.

  • Most often, you will find a free public toilet. However, you can find toilets in department stores, shopping malls, hotels, etc., that won’t cost you any money.

  • Lunchtime generally is the cheapest in Finland. You may eat as much as you want between 11-2 pm within 9-12 euros. You can also look for euro1-2 burgers at MacDonald’s. 

  • Many Turkish pizza/kebab places sell everything within 5-6 euros. 

  • Save your shopping for Christmas or Black Friday!

  • Buy snacks from a grocery store to save money. In big cities, look for Alepa, Sale, S-market, K-market, or Lidi.

  • Don’t buy water bottles. Use tap water, which is perfectly safe and super useful.

  • No need to tip in the restaurant. This is not a Finnish custom.

  • Pay with local currency because you may get a worse exchange rate. 

  • Buy bus tickets online in advance to unlock discounts. 

  • Buy discounted Finnish train tickets 60 days before the date. You can change the access for euro 5 or cancel it with euro 10.

You are all ready to move to Finland. But always keep in mind the above-stated tips to concentrate fully on your study. Otherwise, you will have extra pressure alongside your study to manage your living expenses in Finland. Wishing you a happy life in Finland.

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