Master of Business Administration in Canada at SMU

University Saint Mary’s University (SMU)
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Type Public
Program Type Full-time
Program Delivary On campus
Language English
Program Duration 16 months
Students 7,000
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Detailed Information of Master of Business Administration in Canada at Saint Mary’s University

Program Overview for Master of Business Administration in Canada:

The Sobey MBA program emphasizes responsible leadership and immerses you in unique, cross-cultural local and global business experiences that will transform you and develop your innovative skills and entrepreneurial mindset. You will build a strong network through experienced international classmates who work with you and our extensive alumni community. You will be ready for new responsibilities and roles, and you will positively impact the world. The compulsory international studies portion will allow you to be successful in today's cross-cultural workplace. 

Our course was completed in 16 months, but it was considered a two-year course. We built this program around a cohort system, which means accepting students in September of each year.

About Sobey

Sobey Business School has a purposeful impact through active learning and connections with the business world. Your classmates will bring an international perspective from worldwide, and 50% of our students come from outside Canada. Here, you will enjoy the opportunity to research, collaborate, and put your education into practice in a way that has a positive impact on your community.

Responsible management, including sustainability and a commitment to ethical practices, is important to us, which is why Sobey School has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). AACSB accredits us, and only 5% of business schools in the world have received this honor. 

Want to learn more about our vibrant and historic city of Halifax and our beautiful region on the east coast of Canada? Halifax is the center of culture, shopping, and financial services in the Atlantic region.

Make an Impact with Purpose - Pursue your Passion.

The Sobey MBA program emphasizes responsible leadership and immerses you in a unique local and international business experience to cultivate your innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. Through these specially designed immersive experiences in our 16-month course, you will develop the ability to accept uncertainty, change, and thrive.


Local service-learning immersion connects you with businesses and organizations. You will participate in volunteer projects, consolidate learning and make a significant contribution to our community. To cultivate your global mindset, you will also participate in a cross-cultural/international immersion experience: either an international study trip with a strong business focus or a personal opportunity to study abroad.

Join the Sobey Community

Enjoy discussions and debates with international emerging business leaders, and interact closely with the business community to enrich your learning experience. Our plan can help you discover and define your goals and accelerate your success.

Focus and Integrate

In the last semester, you will apply what you have learned and focus on a professional field. Students can choose elective courses from various fields, especially management consulting, finance, entrepreneurship, and many other available subjects. You will choose elective courses that can deepen your understanding of these areas. This course is taught by world-class teachers, is group-based, and takes 16 months (full-time) to complete. It is considered a two-year course.

The eligibility for Master of Business Administration in Canada for both domestic and international student is:

  • An undergraduate degree (any discipline) from a recognized university with at least a "B" average (3.0/4.3 GPA) or equivalent. Official transcripts must be sent from each post-secondary institution attended by the applicant.
  • A satisfactory GMAT score (usually 550 as the minimum) was obtained within the last five years. We will also accept a GRE. Registration is open for the GMAT™ Online exam, an interim alternative to the test center GMAT™ exam. Learn more here 
  • 2-3 years' work experience is preferred, but not required. 
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate their English language proficiency by submitting an acceptable English language test score. 
  • We look for demonstrated leadership qualities.

Additional documentation required:

  1. Supplemental Form 
  2. A current CV/Resume.
  3. Transcripts: We will accept uploaded unofficial transcripts for evaluation purposes. Applicants must upload a grading scale with their unofficial transcripts. Successful applicants will be required to submit official final transcripts. 
  4. Two (2) Recommendation Forms, one of which should be from an academic source.

These are the test eligibilities for the Master of Business Administration to qualify.

The English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements for Master of Business Administration in Canada: are:

N.B: ELP is not mandatory for all international students. You could apply without ELP if your previous degree's medium of instruction were in English. Students of Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, for example, are not required to take the ELP test.

Other test requirements:

  • GMAT: 550
N.B: Some programs require both international and domestic students to seat for SAT/ACT (for undergraduate) or GRE/GMAT (for graduate and Ph.D. programs). While others require these aptitude tests only for international students. So, verify it with the respective university before applying.

The scholarships available for the Master of Business Administration are:

days left: 0 minutes
Steele MTEI Scholarships is given to both domestic and international students

days left: 0 minutes
Sammy Ho Scholarship is available to international students only at the MTEI program.

days left: Not available
Canadian citizens or permanent residents entering the MBA program in the Sobey School of Business as ful…

The international student tuition fees and costs for Master of Business Administration in Canada.

Items Costs
Application Fees CA$110.00
Tuition Fees CA$43,000.00 for whole program
Living Cost $10,800.00/year
Student Earning CA$16,064.00/year
You will earn CA$16,064.00/year by working (20h/week * 4 weeks * 8 months * CAD 12.55/h) + (40h/week * 4 weeks * 4 months * CAD 12.55/h) at minimum wage of CA$12.55/hour.

The domestic student tuition fees and costs for Master of Business Administration in Canada.

Items Costs
Application Fees CA$110.00
Tuition Fees CA$31,000.00 for whole program
Living Cost $10,800.00/year
Student Earning CA$16,064.00/year
This is just an estimate. You don't have any work hour limit. You will earn CA$16,064.00/year by working (20h/week * 4 weeks * 8 months * CAD 12.55/h) + (40h/week * 4 weeks * 4 months * CAD 12.55/h) at minimum wage of CA$12.55/hour.

Success Rates

Our students benefit from this personalized attention and can turn their MBA degrees into valuable careers. 93% of graduates were employed in various industries three months after graduation, including management consulting, information technology, and finance. Employers that hire our students include Deloitte, IBM, and major Canadian banks.

Professional Development

Our professional services professionals will work with students to identify areas of competence they want to improve. Through a series of seminars hosted by internal and external experts, individual coaching and career advice, and opportunities to interact with business professionals from a wide range of industries and organizations, students strive to improve their target areas of competence and learn to create and manage. They Skill. Own professional development plan to achieve future goals.

The Sobey School of Business impacts purpose through active learning and connecting with the business community. Your classmates will bring international perspectives from around the world--50% of our student body come from outside Canada. Here, you will enjoy opportunities to research, collaborate and put your education to work in ways that will positively affect your community. We are accredited by the AACSB, a distinction held by only 5% of the world's business schools. 

Sobey School of Business
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Dr. Chantal Hervieux
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