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Student Housing in Netherlands

Getting student housing in the Netherlands can be costly and competitive, if you are late to the party. Every year, there are more demands for affordable student accommodation options than actual houses. Start early researching possible housing options for you. Here, let's go into detail about cheap student accommodation in the Netherlands.

Two Types of Student Housing in the Netherlands

Generally, housing in the Netherlands can be divided into two parts:

  • Social housing in the Netherlands: This consists of around 75% of the housing market reserved for people with yearly wages below 40k USD or 37k Euro. These are generally allotted for Dutch nationals.

  • Private Housing in the Netherlands: This market consists of 25% of the entire housing community. As private housing is less abundant, the chances of securing a home can be challenging at times. So you better start searching early. Check your university residences.

While signing up for student housing in Netherlands, you need to have a rental agreement with your landlord. Before signing it, read the rental agreement carefully. Here are some tips on what your rental agreement should include:

  • Maintenance agreement

  • House rules for pets, a smoking policy, etc.

  • Rent increase rate each year.

  • Signature of landlord and tenant

  • Money deposit information and deposit procedure.

  • Details of possible contract termination

  • Amount of rent and rent-paying deadline

  • Actions to be taken if any agreement between landlord and tenant is broken.

  • Items list of the house that is in good condition. (What if the landlord claims you broke something?) Take pictures of anything that doesn't look brand new.

Sites to getting Cheap Student Housing in Netherlands

Sites for getting Cheap Student Housing in the Netherlands

There are many rental contract templates in the Netherlands. You will find them on the internet. Get some idea about the rental contract form. In the Netherlands, students generally live in a student hostel that are found across the city. Finding good, affordable, and close to your institution housing for international students can be very challenging. However, while you search for your student housing, you must inquire if your institution provides on-campus housing.

Sites to look for cheap housing in the Netherlands

Few important notes:

  • You may have to share your rooms with others. (Male and Female).

  • Student accommodation rental in Netherlands can vary depending on the quality of a fully furnished room. Sometimes, unfurnished rooms can be cheap as you can decorate them with cheap second-hand furniture. (This furniture is often delivered for free.)

  • Average room rent in the Netherlands ranges from Euro 400 to 600 per month.

  • Before signing the rental contract, read the terms and conditions thoroughly. (See if gas, electricity, internet, TV bills are included or not. Ask who to contact in case of a sewage block).

Dutch Student Union is a student body that represents students’ interest in the Netherlands. Suppose you need any help or have any complaints contact the Dutch Student Union. Furthermore, they have compiled a list of good and bad sites to search for student housing. Don’t forget to visit their website.

Rent Issues?

Check Realaboutrent.nl and Huurcommissie.nl

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