Useful Stationery Items for Students | Part #1

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You don’t have an eye-catching water bottle and that’s why you couldn’t finish your studying yesterday. Another excuse rolled out. It doesn’t even matter. We are students, and we have countless pretenses when it comes to studying.

Stationery Items for Students

 Whether I’m a regular student or not, I make sure I have all of the necessary stationery items for studying, in my room. Nothing is 'unnecessary'. All of the stationery items I have on my reading table may not be necessary, but they sure are useful. You may say that I have merely an alarm clock on my table when you have a flagship smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether my alarm clock cost only a few bucks, a fraction of my triple-lens camera smartphone. My mobile never wakes me up when I need it to. It may seem that my whiteboard has no purpose, except to occupy a considerable part of my wall. I can’t plan out my group project or homework without the whiteboard. I design regular work plans on the whiteboard so I can procrastinate, but not entirely fail to submit my assignments.

The point is, most of the stationery items for students will not be necessary 24/7. They are for specific purposes. What matters is how much value they provide you. 

During your presentation day, it’s vital to wake up early enough in the morning, in order to have a stellar presentation. What do I think is th single, most important item? An alarm clock. Could you measure its value based in monetary terms? Not a chance.

Helpful And Daily Purposed Stationery Items For Students.

Here below, we have listed 10 useful, but not mandatory, stationary items for students.

1. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop  Sleeve

All classes are using laptops nowadays. We rarely need hard copies of books anymore. If you’re not an engineering student, then all you might need is a notebook and a few odds and ends, to collect class notes. 

 Because of the few basic classroom needs, we don’t need to carry backpacks with us all the time. Most of the laptop sleeves have zipper compartments, designed to hold a pen, mobile phone, mouse, power cord, etc. You may be able to slide multiple notebooks along with your laptop into it. The laptop sleeve is very comfortable and suitable for most kinds of events. Like, to attend a formal interview session right after your class, just carry your laptop sleeve and nothing else. In addition, a laptop sleeve will add extra zeal to your look. You won’t just look cool, but also hassle-free and more confident. 

 Make sure you choose a double protection laptop sleeve to avoid collisions and shocks.

2. Padfolio


 Don’t have a laptop sleeve? Don’t worry. If you hardly ever carry a laptop outside of your room, then a padfolio may be the best match for you. Haven't you seen, in the movies, people carrying either a portfolio or padfolio, on their way to an important business meeting, or the like? Having a padfolio will protect your essential paperwork from damage. Folding our certificates or other official paperwork is out of the question, so we carry a padfolio. Keeping such papers unprotected will result in multiple folds or scratches here and there. 

 A padfolio will give you a professional look at important meetings, interviews or presentations. Also, when joining a public lecture, seminar or other related events, you can take down essential points, putting your paper on the hard surface of your padfolio to keep your writing neat and clear, to use later.

3. Pencil holder

Pencil holder

 How many pens and pencils do you lose/misplace every year? I bet you’re not in my league! Either your classmates or friends 'borrow' your pen just for a moment and never give it back, or you throw your pen into your desk, and then you can never find it again! You’re reading a book and put your pencil into the fold of the last page you read. Chances are that you will not pick up that book in the near future and you will forget about the pen. It’s a very common occurance for students to drop pens and pencils all over the place. The smart solution is to buy a pencil holder (and use it). If you have a pencil holder you will keep writing implements in an appropriate place. A pencil holder, in my opinion, is one of the most essential stationery items for students.

 Markers, and other writing utensils, that have a specific use should be kept there also, readily at hand. This will save time during your essential tasks. Also, a pencil holder helps to keep your table neat and tidy. And if you do use pencils, don't forget to purchase a pencil sharpener (Unless you keep a whittling knife by your desk!)

4. Desk Planner

Desk Planner

  You fixed a date with your childhood friend for the following week. Suddenly, you've forgotten the date and got occupied with another task - a common practice among students. Having a desk planner can get rid of your scheduling issues. 

 Mobile phones have beautiful and organized calendar apps. But a smartphone by itself can be a very complicated place to keep track of your work. All of the perplexities distract you from essential tasks. If you put a desk planner on your desk, you get a complete overview of your coming week. You will have enough time to prepare yourself for any kind of event and get a mental map of the week's workload. 

You can also track your shopping, groceries, dates and to-do list, using a desk planner. 

5. 10-feet Surge protector

Surge protector

 Laptop charger, smartphone charger, trimmer charger (for men), table lamp, and maybe another couple items, to plug-in, in your room. How many sockets are there in your room? I bet not more than 2  or 3 sockets. Also, it drives people bonkers having to disentangle charge cords repeatedly. Your room starts looking messed up. A long-cabled surge protector beside your reading table can remove these problems. Considering all the electronic gadgets you currently have, the surge-protected power bar becomes an essential stationery item for students.

 A surge protector limits power spikes by 'occupying' the increased power, rather than sending it through to your plugged-in electronic items. The surge protector insures all of your electronic items are protected against power surges and the damage they cause. (Make sure you read the small print when purchasing one). Also, make sure the outlet you use to plug in the surge protector can carry the load, if you choose to use many of those items at the same time.

6. Storage Seating Ottoman

Storage Seating Ottoman

 An ottoman can be the best addition to a room for people who value their free time. Ottomans can facilitate storage, be footrests, be seating and/or coffee tables and meet various other household needs. Students who live away from home and share a room with others can add an ottoman which may change the ambiance of their room. Since a student room has little space to store many essentials, you can store some of them inside the ottoman and still be able to later use it as seat. Maybe your friends visit frequently? The best solution is to serve tea/ coffee on it using it as a coffee table. Maybe choose a colorful one for a particular area of your room. 

7. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

 Doctors suggest drinking 2-3 liters of water daily (Too much, too quick can be dangerous). A water bottle is never considered necessary until the new trendy version appears on the market. We don’t have unlimited time or willpower to boil water and make tea/coffee frequently. New hydro flask water bottles allow us to keep hot water for an extended period of time so we can make tea/ coffee whenever we want, without having to go to the kitchen. It both saves both time and effort. It is also wise to take a water bottle on your walks, runs or to the gym.

 Returning to the doctor's saying, we often forget to keep track of how much water we drink daily. New water bottles have a tracking option to do this (Really?).

8. Alarm Clock Radio

Alarm Clock Radio

 Once-upon-a-time, the alarm clock was ubiquitous. Every house had one. How many of you can relate to those days? Now, our whole life seems to revolve around our smartphones. No one uses alarm clocks anymore. But, no matter the usefulness of our cell phones, we can’t ignore the utility of the alarm clock. Chances are that you keep your mobile phone beside your pillow and unintentionally switch off the  alarm. I have seen students miss critical meetings, life changing presentations and even exams because they overslept. An alarm clock can save you from all of these disasters. You have to wake up to switch off the alarm, especially if you don't keep it right beside your bed. Or, you could get one of the newer types that move right after it rings. This forces you to get up out of bed to turn it off.

Perhaps you might get a digital alarm clock that has a radio. No more interrupting your studying to change play lists. It can also be useful if you're studying for the IELTS. Playing an English radio station, or better yet, an English talk show can help with that.

9. Transparent Magazine Holder

Transparent Magazine Holder

 The other day you bought your favorite magazine at a discount price. After finishing a few pages, you put the magazine aside for later. Your homework stacked up and you didn’t get a chance to read the magazine. After a few days, the magazine 'disappeared' from the table.  You couldn’t find it; a pretty common case. Whoever likes reading magazines can relate to this issue. 

What if you were to get a magazine holder and keep your magazines in it? Then, you can organize them all, anyway you choose. The last time I needed to check an earlier edition of National Geographic magazine, I was fortunate to have my organized magazine holder. I  quickly found the right edition of the magazine, which helped me focus on my assignment, without any hassle. 

For bibliophile students, a magazine holder is a must accessory on their table. Don’t forget to keep this stationery item in your weekly shopping list. 

10. Punch Machine

Punch Machine

 I had an unforgettable childhood experience relating to the paper hole punch. My father had bought 5 polo shirts from overseas. Imagine my excitement at getting new clothes! Then, when everyone had gone to sleep, I took the hole punch and dug holes into all of my new polos, just to see how they would look. Since I had no clue what I was doing, I ended up just ripping all of my brand new shirts. 

 Getting back on topic, a 3-hole punch will help you organize your important papers into a binder or duotang. Not long ago, I saw an electric punch that can punch up to 20 pages at a time, making quick order of your scattered papers. 

 A few more suggested items: highlighters, post-it notes (including the tiny ones for marking a page), cellophane tape, stapler and staples, pens and pencils, paperclips, ruler, eraser, White-Out, and the paper version of a notepad.

  Many of the mentioned stationery items for students will never become obsolete, even after one finishes studying. A good, long-lasting alarm clock will get you up on time for your job. A whiteboard will be helpful when organizing your daily plans, or listing chores and essential tasks... You will keep reading magazines even after you're done with student life, so there will be no reason to throw out the magazine holder. Besides, it can be used to hold craft paper when you have rugrats.

Before you head off to school, consider what your daily activities will be and purchase whichever items will add the most value to your life.

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