Avoid Getting Into A Fake University/College In Canada

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fake university/college in Canada.

 Getting enrolled in a university or college is one of the most memorable events in one’s life. As students spend thousands of dollars in tuition to get a degree, the importance of enrolling at an accredited institution can't be stressed enough. How can a bogus degree help you land a job after graduation? Moreover, keep in mind that not all Canadian institutions are authorized to accept international students.

If your prospective educational institution is not authorized to accept international students, you won’t be eligible to apply for a study permit. Beware that fraudsters, scammers, or crafty education consultants leave no stone unturned when trying to defraud international students each year, as thousands of international students look for better higher education opportunities. 

So, before you apply to any university, make sure it is on the Designated Learning Institute list: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/study-canada/study-permit/prepare/designated-learning-institutions-list.html

 In addition there is at least one 'Career' college, that is on the DLI, but the certificate you get is close to worthless. Always check for information on whether the school is recognized and/or recommended by industry. If it's not recognized by other educational institutions, then you can't further your studies in that field, without starting over again.

Here are the blacklisted universities/colleges/unaccredited in Canada you must avoid:

Unfortunately, the list of fake/blacklisted/unaccredited colleges or universities in Canada goes on. We were unable to include all the college/university names in this article. 

P.S: If you have any specific blacklisted college/university names not included here. Please email us at contact@skipissues.com

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