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We, as social animals, always love to live in groups. The interaction we have in our everyday lives can either enhance or diminish our mental peace and prosperity. Understanding other human beings and communicating correctly with them will give you exposure to new opportunities and help you gain wealth, success and a richness in life. 

 Let’s be honest for a moment: Most conflicts in our lives happen due to miscommunication. One said “X,” but you understood “Y.” Face reading could help you improve your ability to communicate well with others, in such a way that you may never have thought of. 

With face reading techniques, you can prepare yourself, in advance, on how to approach and communicate with a person; thereby, maximizing the likelihood of success. For example, if a person is wary of others, speaking with them will require a different skill set than speaking with an extreme extrovert.

This article will cover the face reading technique basics, which will work as a foundation. 

Before we start, let’s answer some basic questions!

What is face reading?

Face reading or physiognomy is a technique to interpret a person’s characteristics or behaviour based on facial features. Even though this study of physiognomy is not part of psychology, people have been studying facial expression (and micro expression) since ancient times.   

What face reading history tells us? 

The relationship between an individual's outward appearance and inner character is historically connected. This special study, according to historical sources, was initiated with the hand of Greek poets. 

However, the practice of face reading was widely popular in China since the Northern Song period in between 960 B.C. to 1279 B.C. (Song Dynasty). This is why face reading is also known as “Chinese Face Reading.”

The scientific credibility and usage of face reading?

For or against? While some academic researchers claim this to be rubbish, others accept the scientific foundation of face reading.  In the 1800’s, academics, especially scientists, started to study it on a larger scale. In modern times, the study of Physiognomy has been extensively studied in beauty, human psychology, anthropology, law, criminology, data science and marketing. 

If you want to know more about Facial Study, scientific validation, read, “Can we read a person’s character from facial images- Scientific American. 

This science is currently taught in the U.S. Judicial System for criminal profiling and jury selection.


  1. A mirror 

  2. A photo of yours or someone you want to analyze (Front and side photos)


Disclaimer of the writer: I don’t 100% believe that with face reading you can predict 100% of an individual's personality. Having said that, this domain can provide basic understandings and build foundational blocks to understand and communicate with others properly.

Face Reading - width of the face

This is what the 'experts' say:

Width of the face:

The power of face reading lies in predicting other’s behaviour successfully. For example, most successful persons share one trait in common. They all have a wider face. Having a wider look corresponds to more confidence. 

Please note that the role or interaction between people changes from situation to situation. Meaning, you may feel more confident around a certain person but less confident around others. 

Please note that these character traits correspond to two extreme scenarios: Extremely thin-faced and extremely wide-faced. 

 Leaving out those two extremes, most people teeter between the two traits. No, their faces don't change in width!


The forehead represents almost 30% of the facial area, and it is the thinking area of human beings. Out of many forehead shapes, the most extreme ones are slanted forward and slanted backward.

Wider face Thinner or long face
More confident personality Less confident personality at the beginning but has gained confidence over time.
Less cautious and feel generous all the time. More cautious
Frequent risk taker Averted to risk-taking
Feel the need to get appreciated for the things he/she has done Takes things slowly and wants the need to feel protected

 So, if someone’s forehead is straightforward, they will portray a balanced thoughtfulness vs. action behavior. They will be quick yet thoughtful in their acts.

If you are a salesperson, for example, and have a couple with two different foreheads. What should you do?

Eyebrow Face Reading'><br></p><p dir=Eyebrows: 

Eyebrows, an essential component of face reading, represent the way one loves to interact or get interacted with. 

Lower Eyebrows Higher Eyebrows
More cuddly and loves the feeling of touch More reserved and averted to physical touch.
Very easygoing and tend to consider everyone a friend More observant and calculative before doing anything
Less informal and choosy More formal in Nature and has fewer friends.

Stay back a bit when you interact with a high eyebrowed person. They need time to trust and pushing them hard from the beginning will make them nervous and possibly fly away. So, understand if they take their time warming up to you. 


People with wide eyes tend to be more relaxed and easy-going. To them, details come later. The measurement of wide eyes differ. Measure the width of your half eye and place it in between your nose. If the distance between your two eyes exceeds half-eye width, then you have wider eyes. 

Closer the eyes Wider the eyes
Immediate focus on details and no point in starting work a bit late A more relaxed approach towards work. Tend to see the bigger picture first. So, work details come later.
Time is very important So, if you are late you are not being on time you are not honest and being friendly. Even though time is important, they tend never to be late but never on time either.😉


Having strong prominent cheekbones means that a person is adventurous, outward going, and ambitious in nature. People with less prominent cheekbones feel, “I have all the adventurous components at home. So, do I need to go outside?”


A person with a receded chin, they say, is friendlier and easygoing in nature. However, an outward chin means a person who values respect and is very determined in nature. 

So, if you have a prominent chin and are tired of people considering you a threat, lower your chin when talking to others. But, don’t forget to stick your chin out if you don’t like a person.  😜😜

Shape of the Nose:  

We will talk about Scoopy (concave) and Beaky (convex) nose, which include all the sizes of nostrils.

Concave Nose Convex Nose
Loves to take care of others and show them they care through considerable efforts; Spending quality time is important to them Taking care of the whole community is as important as taking care of their close ones, but they prefer taking care of the community as a whole.
Small gestures of non-sexual, non-demanding touch delight them. Aversion towards non-sexual, non-demanding touch

The given examples are always on opposite sides of the spectrum; A person either having a concave or convex nose entirely (Straight nose) has a more logical approach to everything.  

You may be wondering how I can make use of this knowledge? 

For example, if you have a person who cares for you (I am pretty they have a concave nose), shown them that you are thankful with a hug or a special gesture. 

Face Reading Lips


When reading facial features, you need to take top and bottom lips into account too.

Thin top lip Thicker top lip
Don’t talk about their feelings; Always concise and speak to the point. More communicative and Expressive
Pushing them too much to share their feelings will make them sarcastic and resentful. Always feel the urge to talk; When they talk, listen carefully.
Thin bottom lip Thicker bottom lip
Very cautious in giving away; This happened to them due to the negative experience associated with giving away. Felt like being taken advantage of. So generous all the time; They are a natural giver; Giving something to others brings them joy!
Pushing them too much to share their feelings will make them sarcastic and resentful. Always feel the urge to talk; When they talk, listen carefully.

So, if a thin bottom lip person is kind or generous to you, show your appreciation gracefully. This small token of appreciation will ensure they don't feel they have been taken advantage of. 

Face reading, in itself, is a specialized domain of psychology. This blog has covered only the bare minimum, but it will work as a foundation to appease your curiosity. 

The importance of communication is not stressed enough in our society enough. Your professional and personal success will depend mainly on how well you will understand and communicate ideas. 

Till then, practice your newly learned knowledge. Start with yourself first. Analyze yourself and then others. 

Without holding any prejudgement or preoccupations, analyze others to understand them and to improve your relationships with them. I hope you will put this knowledge into good practice and pass it on to others.

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