The Complete Country Information about Netherlands

About Netherlands

Capital Amsterdam
Largest City Amsterdam
Official Language Dutch
Area 41,865 km2
Population 17,469,635
GDP $1.055 Trillion
Per Capita $60,461
Currency Euro
Driving Side Right
Happiness Index Position 5
Ease of Doing Business Rank 42

Step by Step Country Information about Netherlands

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by flowers and natural beauty? The Netherlands is world-famous for its flower cultivation and its canals. The more you know about the Netherlands, the more urges you get to become a part of this country. Surprisingly, the Netherlands has never been in the limelight, inspiring immigration. We know that for intelligent people like you, looking for a peace-loving country and financial security, the Netherlands is undoubtedly it. 

 In the Netherlands, they speak Dutch. Nevertheless, you will find ample people speaking English there. People are amicable to chat with. While roaming around the cities, you will see that many people use bicycles to get around. Others use public transportation. 

In Holland, as the country was once known, public transportation is excellent. It consists of trains, buses, trams, the metro, and ferries. With one single App, you can plan your trip, no matter which mode is required or how far, in-country, you are traveling.

The canals, which the Netherlands is known for, are no longer used just for transporting goods, drainage, and defense, for which they were originally built. Nowadays, besides goods transportation and drainage, you may see them being used for canal cruises, water sports, fishing, canal festivals, houseboats, and a floating ‘hotel’ or two. 

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