Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Canada at SMU

University Saint Mary’s University (SMU)
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Type Public
Program Type Full-time
Program Delivary On campus
Language English
Program Duration 16 months
Students 7,000
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Detailed Information of Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Canada at Saint Mary’s University

Program Overview for Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Canada:

The Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation curriculum takes knowledge and skills from management, marketing, leadership, finance, accounting, communications, economics, and information technology and integrates them with best practices from industry to produce sharp, relevant learning.

Students will access an innovation network, investors, and partners in their quest to become successful technology entrepreneurs and innovators. MTEI is a full-time graduate business studies program.

Employers can benefit from the infusion of innovation an MTEI intern brings. The MTEI program is now certified by CEWIL (Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada). Employers hiring interns may access the Co-op Education Incentive funding from Nova Scotia Labour and Advanced Education.

The Benefits:

  • A full-time program that still allows time to work on your startup
  • Accessible resident faculty and industrial mentors
  • Located in the rich startup ecosystem of Atlantic Canada
  • Startup innovation funding is available to qualifying students
  • Get 3 great program choices. After 8 months of alternating Fri/Sat full-day classes:
    • STARTUP STREAM: Start or grow your technology business as an applied project and complete your degree in 12 or 16 months.
    • EXPERIENTIAL STREAM: Spend six months in the industry.
    • THESIS STREAM: Research a select topic and contribute to the growing body of entrepreneurship knowledge.

The Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a technology-focused graduate business degree and the only degree on the east coast of Canada. It goes beyond pure technical or business education. Our program provides technology entrepreneurs with the skills to become hybrid leaders who can solve today's complex business challenges. 

A key advantage of the program lies in the expertise of our respected teachers and our close ties to the industry. Our small classes mean that students can benefit from these close interactions and gain insights from professors, industry mentors, and classmates. 

Women are underrepresented in the technology industry. We are working hard to change this situation. The MTEI program was founded by award-winning professor and researcher Dr. Dawn Jutla, and half of the program’s faculty and staff are women.

The Sobey Experience:

At the Sobey School of Business, we attract independent thinkers with entrepreneurial mindsets. We are recognized with the prestigious AACSB accreditation, representing the highest standard of business education worldwide. Only 5% of business schools have been awarded AACSB accreditation. The Sobey School of Business combines international perspectives with local character, encourages team building and personal leadership, and creates prosperity by helping you to share knowledge while defining your own success. 

Developing Your Career:

The Sobey School of Business provides comprehensive services to launch your career. The Sobey Career Services office provides expert advice on building interview skillsnetwork with potential employers, and more.

Take professional development workshops, receive one-on-one career counseling, participate in coaching sessions with expert consultants, or get valuable insight from a local business mentor.

Services for Students:

We offer a wide range of tools and resources to help you:

  • Define your career goals
  • Build a strong network
  • Develop effective job search skills
  • Take part in valuable internships and networking events
  • Benefit from personalized career coaching.

The eligibility for Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Canada for both domestic and international student is:

To be admitted to the MTEI program, you need to have:

  • An undergraduate degree in any discipline (although an undergraduate degree in science, technology, engineering, math is preferred), or have an equivalent combination of training and experience.
  • Attained at least a “B” average in the undergraduate degree, and attained a minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least a 3.0 in your final 60 credit hours taken at university.

Additional Documents Required:

  1. Supplemental Form
  2. A one-page description of what the student expects to learn in the MTEI program and how it will benefit her/him and/or her/his organization.
  3. A current CV/Resume.
  4. Transcripts: We will accept uploaded unofficial transcripts for evaluation purposes. Applicants must upload a grading scale with their unofficial transcripts. Successful applicants will be required to submit official final transcripts. 
  5. Two (2) Recommendation Forms, one of which should be from an academic source.

These are the test eligibilities for the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation to qualify.

The English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirements for Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Canada: are:

N.B: ELP is not mandatory for all international students. You could apply without ELP if your previous degree's medium of instruction were in English. Students of Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, for example, are not required to take the ELP test.

The scholarships available for the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation are:

days left: 0 minutes
Steele MTEI Scholarships is given to both domestic and international students

days left: 0 minutes
Sammy Ho Scholarship is available to international students only at the MTEI program.

days left: Not available
Canadian citizens or permanent residents entering the MBA program in the Sobey School of Business as ful…

The international student tuition fees and costs for Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Canada.

Items Costs
Application Fees CA$110.00
Tuition Fees CA$37,000.00 for whole program
Living Cost $10,800.00/year
Student Earning CA$16,064.00/year
You will earn CA$16,064.00/year by working (20h/week * 4 weeks * 8 months * CAD 12.55/h) + (40h/week * 4 weeks * 4 months * CAD 12.55/h) at minimum wage of CA$12.55/hour.

The domestic student tuition fees and costs for Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Canada.

Items Costs
Application Fees CA$110.00
Tuition Fees CA$20,000.00 for whole program
Living Cost $10,800.00/year
Student Earning CA$16,064.00/year
This is just an estimate. You don't have any work hour limit. You will earn CA$16,064.00/year by working (20h/week * 4 weeks * 8 months * CAD 12.55/h) + (40h/week * 4 weeks * 4 months * CAD 12.55/h) at minimum wage of CA$12.55/hour.

Sobey School of Business partners:


MTEI students can use the workspace of the technology startup Volta and benefit from transferring rich knowledge with key business and industry leaders. Volta provides entrepreneurs with everything they need to create a startup, including private offices, meeting space, Internet access, and free accounting and legal advice.

Read more about Volta Labs in the Financial Post.

Entrevestor, founded by Nova Scotia-based writers Peter and Carol Moreira, is a portal designed to unite and inform the investment community in Atlantic Canada. View the recent Entrevestor Intelligence Report, featuring an ad for MTEI.

Sobey School Business Development Centre

As part of Sobey Business School, Sobey Business School Business Development Center exposes students to relevant and challenging business problems and enables them to find solutions. Students gain valuable benefits from this strong and continuous connection between universities and industry. Spark Zone is a sandbox project of MSVU, NSCAD, and St. Mary's University, hosted on SSBDC. 

The Port of Halifax serves the world's major cargo routes and provides basic logistical support for the east coast. The port is an important partner of the MTEI program, which provides students with internship opportunities. As the premier source of early-stage venture capital, InNOVACorp provides space for MTEI students in its state-of-the-art incubator. The organization also provides guidance and contributes to course resources to enrich the student experience.

Launch36 is a plan to develop the next generation of high-growth technology companies on the East Coast. MTEI students can take advantage of valuable knowledge transfer in the early founding team's queue-based acceleration program. They help entrepreneurs increase their chances of long-term success by providing early opportunities for financing, guidance, knowledge, and support. 

The Liberated Learning Consortium, located in St. Mary, is an international research network dedicated to advancing speech recognition technology and technology to create a barrier-free learning environment. The alliance was established by St. Mary's University and IBM Research through a joint research agreement involving like-minded organizations. St. Mary's University has an alliance management team and support system. LLC conducts research and development on two interrelated applications that can be deployed on mobile and cloud platforms:

  • Using speech recognition to caption spoken language and display it as readable text automatically
  • Using speech recognition to produce and disseminate accessible, multimedia transcript

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) is Nova Scotia's private business development organization. Its mission is to help companies improve their competitiveness through developing trade, financing, and venture capital. The organization attracted new direct investment to the province, including technology and financial services companies.

Economic and Rural Development and Tourism (ERDT) leads the implementation of Nova Scotia’s economic growth strategy – jobsHere. The department works closely with economic development agencies and partners to help achieve the plan’s 3 goals:

  • Helping Nova Scotians learn the right skills for good jobs
  • Growing the economy through innovation
  • Helping businesses be more competitive globally

Our MTEI program works with ERDT to create innovative internship opportunities for students.

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) hopes that Sobey College's Master of Technology Entrepreneurship will provide its graduates and others with more avenues to acquire further and develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

Entrepreneurs’ Forum connects new and growing entrepreneurs with strategic advice from Advisors who have achieved business success.

StartUp Kitchen provides a large resource library of Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs. The MTEI program supports women in science and engineering in WISE Atlantic. In collaboration with Dr. Tamara Franz Odendaal, Chairperson of Women in Science and Engineering at Mount St. Vincent’s NSERC, we will continue to explore the connections between WISE Atlantic and her NSERC chairperson and the students and graduates of the MTEI program.

Canadian Women in Science and Technology (CanWIT) is a national volunteer organization. CanWit encourages young women to consider careers in technology, helps accelerate, retain, and support women already in the field, and provides an important platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts through partnerships to learn and build a great women-led team tech company. CanWIT also provides a national platform for e-tutors. The National E-Guardian Program, funded by the Canadian Women's Status Association, provides an online community of support for the technology industry across Canada.

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) increases the revenue of its members by creating an ever-expanding value chain that affects Canadian innovators, marketers, and other professionals. As Canada's largest high-tech association, CATAAlliance offers opportunities for companies from nearly all industries to conduct business together. Through their innovative national advocacy program, CEOs work together to promote the development of the Canadian business environment. CATA is the foundation for national marketing, market research, networks, events, connections with other associations, and professional development.

Contact Information:

Recruitment and Admissions
Sobey School of Business Graduate Programs
Sobey Building, Saint Mary's University

Dr. Ellen Farrell
Dr. Gordon Fullerton
MTEI Directors

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